Comparing interview techniques:

1. Face-to-face. PROS: facial expressions, tone of voice. CONS- find convenient time.

2. Phone. PROS: convenient. CONS-no body language

3. Recording. PROS: able to refer to conversation

Kasey and I had the same interviewing style. We recorded our face-to-face interviews and took notes.

Post interview follow-up questions:

1. How many members in Sigma Kappa?

2. When is next opportunity for students to rush?

3. Favorite part of rush?

4.  What would your life be like had you not rushed?

Style Challenges

I referred to the AP stylebook and The Diamondback style guide. I used the Rich textbook for leads, nut grafs, and endings. The Lead Lab for examples of leads.

I used Poynter’s writing tools 10, 11 and 23.

  • Writer tool 10- Cut big then small. Start very general then become specific.EX)  “After rounds of rushing, Forte. . . received bid. . . She . . .  began [her] new member period, when [she] learned the history. . . of Sigma Kappa.”- Started broad by explaining how Kasey rushed multiple houses. Became more specific saying she chose Sigma Kappa. Even more specific when saying she began her new member period.- Writer tool 11- Use shorter words at points of complexity

– Instead of  “new member class” I wrote “pledge class”. I used “new member period” instead of “new member education period”.

  • Writer tool 23- Read drafts aloud

–       I read my drafts aloud to check for wordiness, clarity, and pacing.


I referenced chapter 8 from the Rich textbook while writing my story to find how to end my story. I used a quote kicker ending.  I referred to the Lead Lab workshop to help me craft my lead. I chose a descriptive lead. I used Poynter’s writing tools worksheet to help me write my story. I also read the Tips worksheet on this assignment.