Using social media improves job search

SEO: Social media improves job search

Social media sites to improve job search: Mashable

Mashable is an internet blog that highlights social media news. Mashable helps users identify social media trends in the work-force, and how to use them to their advantage.

Mashable features the article, “Why you should keep your Facebook and your job search separate,” to help viewers improve and protect their personal social networking pages during their job search process.

Main tips: keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts private and appear well-rounded and professional on your profile page.

Media Bistro

Media Bistro in an internet blog for journalists and related professionals that lists job openings and employment tips for users.

Media Bistro TV posts YouTube videos of elevator pitches, where employers listen to pitches from companies or prospective employees on why employers should buy their product or hire them as an employee.

From watching a pitch, I learned that in 30 seconds you need to make a positive impression and explain the most important selling points.

Do not: talk too fast or use technical words during your elevator pitch!

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is a website designed for professionals in marketing, PR, and advertising to gain insight on social networking in the work-force.

A featured article, “7 ways to find a job using social media,” informs viewers how to positively use online social media during their job hunt.

Tips: follow prospective employers on social media, set up alternative personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, engage with potential employers using social media, and monitor your online reputation