SEO: Diversity in public relations

Diversity is an important aspect in public relations. The public relations practitioner must understand the role of diversity, and maintain sensitivity toward others from a multicultural background.

Understanding diversity and multiculturalism in public relations

Throughout their career, public relations practitioners will work with individuals from different backgrounds. They will need accept and understand how to work people of diverse backgrounds to maximize their success in public relations.

Diversity defined

Merriam-Webster defines diversity as “the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization.” This includes people of different genders, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds.

With today’s growing minority population, having skills in diversity and multiculturalism greatly benefits those in the public relations industry.

What diversity means to my career

Currently, I aspire to work with Strathmore Center for the Arts in their marketing and communication department. At Strathmore, performers from different backgrounds showcase their talents through music, dance and art.

For example, many African American performers play jazz music for their audience. Strathmore also hosts Latin American performers specializing in Latin music. For Strathmore, diversity is a key element to their performances and their educational programs for young children.

Building diversity

To build diversity in an organization, the organization must go to the community or bring the community to their organization.

For example, to increase their audiences’ diversity, Strathmore could target schools with high diversity and multicultural students and host a field trip for these students. The students could come to Strathmore, tour their facilities and watch a performance.

 diverse kids

To increase diversity in their audiences, Strathmore could also bring performances to multicultural communities or schools. This would expose diverse communities to other types of fine arts performances not commonly found in their own community.

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